Salmon, Sea Trout (Sewin) and Brown Trout

Salmon and Sea Trout (Sewin) 1st April - 17th October
Brown Trout 1st April - 30th September

Mandatory release of all Salmon caught up to and including the 16th of June and after the 10th October of both Salmon and Sea Trout (Sewin).

To preserve fish stocks for future generations catch and release is encouraged throughout the season but is by no means mandatory.

Permitted Methods.
Fly and Spinning only.

The Fishery

With over five miles of double bank fishing the Edwinsford fishery is probably the most significant and varied fishery on the River Cothi, the Cothi is the main tributary of the River Towey which some would say is the most prolific Sea Trout (Sewin) River in Wales. The Cothi is thought to provide around 40% of the total run in the Towey system. Since Edwinsford came into new ownership in 2011 the catches have dropped due to a lack of fishing with virtually no night fishing for sea trout being done. It is a very under fished stretch of water. A great deal of work has been done since 2011 to improve the fishery, a new track has been built to make all beats easily accessible to vehicles. There is now a fishing hut in the middle of the fishery and accommodation is available on the Estate.

Salmon enter the river in April but, the first Edwinsford Salmon is not normally caught before May. Salmon and grilse will run on any summer spate, with a good autumn run throughout September until the close of the season.

Sea Trout (Sewin in Welsh) will be present at Edwinsford throughout the season, with the main run starting with or after the first good spate in May. It is noticeable that the size of fish is increasing, this is being put down to the adoption of catch and release on several beats. When the river is coloured fishing during the day can be rewarding, in clear and low water fishing for Sea Trout (Sewin) is best once the sun has gone down, but fish have been caught on bright days in clear water. Although a spate river, the Cothi holds up remarkably well after a flood with sustained fishing possible for a week.

With over 5 miles of river on which there are some 60 named pools Edwinsford provides a great variety of waters to fish. The upper beats run through open meadows while the lower beats run through a wooded gorge. Some of the pools in the lower beats are best suited to spinning but the majority can be fished well with the fly.

Throughout the Edwinsford beats there are man made as well as natural pools. In 1997 Edwinsford made the national press when the remains of a hen Salmon estimated to have weighed in excess of 50lbs was found on the bank of the Garden Pool. Scale readings of this remarkable fish suggest that it had spawned on no fewer than 5 times. Current available information suggests that no other Salmon in the U.K. has been recorded that has completed more migrations.

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Annual Catches

Salmon Largest Sea Trout Largest
2011 7 10 7 2
2012 3 15 17 6
2013 5 19 15 10
2014 4 15 20 12
2015 6 15 36 10
2016 15 15 21 8

2017 Season Catches

Month Salmon Largest Salmon    Sea Trout Largest Sea Trout
16 lbs
10 lbs
6 lbs
10 lbs
14 lbs
6 lbs
36 lbs


Prices are inclusive of V.A.T. @ 20%

Rod/Day Rod/Week
April 1st - April 30th 20 100
May 1st - May 28th 25 125
May 28th - October 17th 35 175

Fishing Tackle and Equipment

Tackle Hire: Rods and reels can be hired from the Estate. Leaders, Flies and a small selection of Spinners can also be purchased from the Estate.

Fly Fishing for Salmon and Sea Trout (Sewin)

Rods: A single handed rod of between 9’6 and 10’ is ideal for most of the Edwinsford water. A smaller rod of about 8’ can be useful in the lower beats. Many Sea Trout (Sewin) fishermen will cary two rods each with a different line to save changing lines in the dark when trying different methods of fishing.

Reels: A reel with a good drag system on it is important to enable one to have some control over a good fish.

Lines: For the size of river 6 or 7 A.F.T.M. Lines are recommended. Floating Lines are essential if fishing a Muddler or Surface Lure at night, they are also useful when fishing in low water conditions. Sink Tip or Intermediate lines are recommended for most conditions as the river is in some places the main current is quite narrow or right against a rock face on the far side and it is important to get the fly working as soon as it touches the water.

Sinking Lines: These work well when the River is in full spate and in some of the deeper pools as wells in some of the faster gutters.

Leaders: With both Salmon and Sea Trout (Sewin) of over 10lbs in the Cothi, apart from in very low conditions it would be unwise to go below 10lbs breaking strain. In very low and clear water one might be best taking the risk of being broken and using 6lbs breaking strain. In high and coloured water it is worth using 15lbs breaking strain. When fishing with either a sink tip, intermediate or sinking line it is advised that the leader length does not exceed 4’. When fishing a floating line in low and clear water using a leader of 10’ or longer is advised.

Flies: Everybody has their favourites but a few recommendations are as follows: Salmon Ally Shrimp, Silver Stoat, Cascade, Munro Killer and Willie Gun. Doubles are recommended as are a selection of sizes and formats, conventional flies, Waddingtons and Tubes. Sea Trout (Sewin). In daylight and clean water small flies (doubles) are recommended. A few recommendations are the Peter Ross, Black Pennel, Bloody Butcher, Alexandra and Mallard and Claret. At night larger flies are recommended, Needle Tubes, Tubes and Waddingtons of about 1 1/4’’ are recommended along with Mouse Flies and other Surface Lures.


 Being a small river a short rod of about 8’ is big enough to cover the water and short enough to be able to cast under trees on the pools in the lower beats. A line of between 10lbs and 15lbs breaking strain is recommended. Recommended spinners are, Quill Minnows, Rapala Lures, and Repps.

Other Equipment

Waders: Chest waders are recommended.

Torch: a good LED head torch is highly recommended for those fishing at night.

Landing Net: Only knotless nets are permitted.


Fishing Rules 

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